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840mm flytrap a forked version

Exactly the size of one 100yen shop "decopane". 35mm elevons + 140mm (2x70mm) gap in the center for the 5" propeller. KFMv2 - 149mm on the center line and 70mm on the side lines.
Total Span: 840.00 mm
Wing Area: 18.40 dm²
CG@20%: 161.39 mm
Wing Load: 10.87 g/dm²
Marcin Bachminski

42" snub nose FPV wing a forked version

Based on
Total Span: 42.00 in
Wing Area: 326.00 in²
CG@20%: 5.18 in
Wing Load: 7.79 oz/ft²
Marcin Bachminski

Variable Geometry SF position

This is to estimate of CG movement in a variable geometry wing
Total Span: 36.00 in
Wing Area: 348.00 in²
CG@15%: 9.25 in
Wing Load: 8.28 oz/ft²

Variable Geometry SB position

Total Span: 28.00 in
Wing Area: 308.00 in²
CG@15%: 9.78 in
Wing Load: 9.35 oz/ft²

kfm4 fits a sheet

Total Span: 30.00 in
Wing Area: 246.50 in²
CG@20%: 5.17 in
Wing Load: 10.30 oz/ft²
Sean Anderson


Total Span: 2540.00 mm
Wing Area: 96.50 dm²
CG@30%: 327.80 mm
Wing Load: 62.18 g/dm²

Delta wing for Mig21(A-144)Analog

Total Span: 836.00 mm
Wing Area: 42.79 dm²
CG@20%: 446.85 mm
Wing Load: 21.03 g/dm²
Максим Шеловских

DELTA aerobonito a forked version

Total Span: 700.00 mm
Wing Area: 17.85 dm²
CG@20%: 174.01 mm
Wing Load: 78.43 g/dm²
Alex Machado


Total Span: 200.00 mm
Wing Area: 5.23 dm²
CG@20%: 88.71 mm
Wing Load: 76.48 g/dm²


Total Span: 766.00 mm
Wing Area: 20.86 dm²
CG@15%: 173.56 mm
Wing Load: 19.18 g/dm²