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Stu's Test a forked version

Total Span: 1066.80 mm
Wing Area: 30.35 dm²
CG@20%: 141.20 mm
Wing Load: 0.00 g/dm²
Sean Anderson

Fighter wing a forked version

Total Span: 1322.00 mm
Wing Area: 46.31 dm²
CG@20%: 356.87 mm
Wing Load: 25.91 g/dm²

EFA Marani

Total Span: 1320.00 mm
Wing Area: 73.92 dm²
CG@22%: 421.84 mm
Wing Load: 104.17 g/dm²


Total Span: 1000.00 mm
Wing Area: 23.53 dm²
CG@20%: 184.76 mm
Wing Load: 42.50 g/dm²

Mijn eerste vleugel a forked version

Voor het Fablab
Total Span: 1200.00 mm
Wing Area: 31.20 dm²
CG@20%: 188.26 mm
Wing Load: 16.03 g/dm²

frigate2 a forked version a forked version

Total Span: 68.00 in
Wing Area: 350.00 in²
CG@20%: 0.01 in
Wing Load: 7.26 oz/ft²

frigatebird a forked version

Total Span: 68.00 in
Wing Area: 362.00 in²
CG@20%: -2.16 in
Wing Load: 4.21 oz/ft²

42" snub nose FPV wing a forked version a forked version a forked version

Based on
Total Span: 558.80 mm
Wing Area: 16.52 dm²
CG@20%: 157.90 mm
Wing Load: 30.27 g/dm²

Mini Dart

Mini, Forward Swept, pusher for FPV. 55mm Elevons included in chord length. Designed for foam board construction. Fuselage length should be between 450 and 500mm long with pusher motor mounted at trailing edge of root chord.
Total Span: 758.00 mm
Wing Area: 16.26 dm²
CG@20%: 1.81 mm
Wing Load: 30.75 g/dm²
1 David Mason

Elios1 a forked version

mini electric glider KFm4 airfoil
Total Span: 1400.00 mm
Wing Area: 27.20 dm²
CG@20%: 193.57 mm
Wing Load: 47.79 g/dm²
Yaufani Adam