Wing Library

Wing Library started as a flexible flying wing center of gravity calculator for complex wings with multiple panels, forward swept and configurable MAC and CG positions and evolved to a public library for wing plans. Enjoy!

Last Wings

JCH 6.0

AVIATETRIS 1600mm weight of empty model 930gr payload 1500gr (2X5000mah lipo +camera + ARM +telemetry+ video) Total flight weight about 2.5kg

Classic 1200mm zagi a forked version

made popular in Brazil by

Sweepwings Juggarnaut a forked version

Sweepwings Juggarnaut a forked version

Most voted

Classic 1200mm zagi (3)

made popular in Brazil by

frigate2 (2)

Alula (2)

Dual Engine VTOL (2)

For micro VTOL testing

pelican60 (1)


Grim Reaper XXL a forked version a forked version

Grim Reaper XL + modified center section

alpha shit


Bat Wing a forked version

Designed for some nose fwd of the wing. Need to use some fin/rudder setup. Wing loading at 9 lbs = 24.97.