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Wing Library started as a flexible flying wing center of gravity calculator for complex wings with multiple panels, forward swept and configurable MAC and CG positions and evolved to a public library for wing plans. Enjoy!

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pelican60 a forked version


Profil : PW51 Pas de dièdre (dessus des ailes plat) Poids : 272g Ballast : 132g (20nds de vents excellent) Rétention énergie, prise de badin, vol dos excellent, maniabilité

Classic 1200mm zagi a forked version

made popular in Brazil by

a5 test

Primazia Wing

Most voted

Classic 1200mm zagi (5)

made popular in Brazil by

YAY FPV Racing Wing (wingspan 800mm) (3)

frigate2 (2)

Alula (2)

Dual Engine VTOL (2)

For micro VTOL testing


42" snub nose FPV wing a forked version

Based on

Horten XVI Colibri

StealthStream 5X

Straight Delta for EDF


Complex wing - Design for VTOL aircraft

Saturn Aircraft corporation

Saturn Eagle 1