Wing Library

Wing Library started as a flexible flying wing center of gravity calculator for complex wings with multiple panels, forward swept and configurable MAC and CG positions and evolved to a public library for wing plans. Enjoy!

Last Wings

FunBat R0

Reptile S800 v2 a forked version

Reptile-Tech S800 v2

alin ar900





Most voted

Classic 1200mm zagi (4)

made popular in Brazil by

YAY FPV Racing Wing (wingspan 800mm) (3)

frigate2 (2)

Alula (2)

Dual Engine VTOL (2)

For micro VTOL testing


Classic 1200mm zagi a forked version a forked version

made popular in Brazil by

Airgogs Titan Wing Conversion

This wing is made from the 2 removable wings from an airhogs titan foam glider. It currently holds a GoPro, steerable nose gear, and fpv equipment. Powered by a 2200mah 3S turning a 10x4.5 pusher using 40A Purple Power ESC & 1200kv 450 class 2220/07 motor

Gos hawk

Chimera-ish a forked version a forked version

Elevons included MH61 works well


Complex wing - Design for VTOL aircraft