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Elios Kfm6 Chimera ispired a forked version

tested yesterday afternoon the test flight went well
Total Span: 1132.00 mm
Wing Area: 31.32 dm²
CG@20%: 238.75 mm
Wing Load: 14.69 g/dm²

Versa Wing Blunt Nose a forked version

This wing home build from flite test web and in this example i consider the ailerons in the chord
Total Span: 1140.00 mm
Wing Area: 34.79 dm²
CG@20%: 159.64 mm
Wing Load: 32.48 g/dm²

A10 xtreme

Total Span: 2051.05 mm
Wing Area: 70.09 dm²
CG@20%: 77.47 mm
Wing Load: 291.22 g/dm²
Hector Babilonia


Total Span: 1304.40 mm
Wing Area: 43.00 dm²
CG@20%: 146.54 mm
Wing Load: 23.26 g/dm²
Alexandr Sitnikov


Total Span: 1172.00 mm
Wing Area: 29.53 dm²
CG@21%: 233.06 mm
Wing Load: 33.19 g/dm²

Ritewing Drak a forked version a forked version a forked version

This is a SCALE plan for the Ritewing Drak. I measured it on a original Drak. Thank me later ;)
Total Span: 1334.00 mm
Wing Area: 38.62 dm²
CG@100%: 414.26 mm
Wing Load: 31.07 g/dm²
Mateusz Kasza

Large Plank

Total Span: 3800.00 mm
Wing Area: 130.00 dm²
CG@17%: 82.89 mm
Wing Load: 30.77 g/dm²
Richard Hopkinson

Large Plank

Total Span: 3400.00 mm
Wing Area: 73.00 dm²
CG@20%: 288.59 mm
Wing Load: 6.85 g/dm²
Richard Hopkinson

X8 Skywaker a forked version a forked version

Total Span: 2105.00 mm
Wing Area: 80.72 dm²
CG@20%: 410.98 mm
Wing Load: 6.19 g/dm²

Meltem2000 a forked version

Total Span: 2100.00 mm
Wing Area: 64.00 dm²
CG@25%: 283.33 mm
Wing Load: 31.25 g/dm²