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eVTOL v0.1

Total Span: 400.00 mm
Wing Area: 10.80 dm²
CG@20%: 192.25 mm
Wing Load: 92.59 g/dm²
Bill C

Meltem Solar

Total Span: 2100.00 mm
Wing Area: 105.60 dm²
CG@20%: 329.50 mm
Wing Load: 4.73 g/dm²

Eurofighter typhoon

For an indoor flying jet motor: 1306 3000kv esc: 20A Plush rx: RX3SM servo: 3pc 3.5gr (elevon+rudder)
Total Span: 484.00 mm
Wing Area: 13.86 dm²
CG@20%: 328.62 mm
Wing Load: 9.38 g/dm²
Rotorismo FPV Rotor Sport

42" snub nose FPV wing a forked version

Based on
Total Span: 42.00 in
Wing Area: 326.00 in²
CG@20%: 5.18 in
Wing Load: 7.79 oz/ft²

Versa Wing Blunt Nose a forked version

This wing home build from flite test web and in this example i consider the ailerons in the chord
Total Span: 1140.00 mm
Wing Area: 34.79 dm²
CG@20%: 159.64 mm
Wing Load: 32.48 g/dm²

slow delta a forked version

Total Span: 838.00 mm
Wing Area: 21.44 dm²
CG@20%: 312.91 mm
Wing Load: 18.66 g/dm²

AAR main wing a forked version

Total Span: 46230.00 mm
Wing Area: 25653.83 dm²
CG@15%: 6160.25 mm
Wing Load: 6685.16 g/dm²

PLAsmo a forked version

Total Span: 914.40 mm
Wing Area: 12.39 dm²
CG@20%: 132.17 mm
Wing Load: 40.36 g/dm²

DTFB Nurf plane glider 2000 mm a forked version

Simple DTFB Nurf plane glider version 2000 mm
Total Span: 2100.00 mm
Wing Area: 43.60 dm²
CG@190%: 491.68 mm
Wing Load: 25.23 g/dm²

My Zagi a forked version

Total Span: 1218.00 mm
Wing Area: 24.66 dm²
CG@30%: 212.32 mm
Wing Load: 36.50 g/dm²