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Total Span: 36.00 in
Wing Area: 210.00 in²
CG@20%: 5.77 in
Wing Load: 11.37 oz/ft²
Tommy C


Total Span: 1400.00 mm
Wing Area: 36.94 dm²
CG@20%: 228.45 mm
Wing Load: 32.49 g/dm²

MIG 27 (Jure)

Goldberg Military training drone
Total Span: 1680.00 mm
Wing Area: 58.98 dm²
CG@20%: 252.45 mm
Wing Load: 20.35 g/dm²
Sifon Templar

Alula a forked version

Total Span: 900.00 mm
Wing Area: 18.45 dm²
CG@20%: 25.44 mm
Wing Load: 10.84 g/dm²
Sifon Templar

LK 1600

Total Span: 1720.00 mm
Wing Area: 46.44 dm²
CG@20%: 306.44 mm
Wing Load: 10.77 g/dm²
Sergii Diachenko


Total Span: 1200.00 mm
Wing Area: 30.30 dm²
CG@20%: 226.95 mm
Wing Load: 38.61 g/dm²
Sebek Dawid

KFM4 FPV a forked version

Wing designed to be made out of a single DTFB for the core and winglets, plus a second sheet for the KFM steps. Based on the FT Arrow dimensions, slightly modified to adjust ideal COG aft.
Total Span: 29.50 in
Wing Area: 241.34 in²
CG@20%: 6.59 in
Wing Load: 8.35 oz/ft²
Mauricio Orrego

Jonis Dead Simple v2 a forked version

Total Span: 820.00 mm
Wing Area: 14.56 dm²
CG@20%: 148.98 mm
Wing Load: 20.60 g/dm²
Mauricio Orrego

Versa Wing Blunt Nose a forked version

This wing home build from flite test web and in this example i consider the ailerons in the chord
Total Span: 1140.00 mm
Wing Area: 34.79 dm²
CG@20%: 159.64 mm
Wing Load: 32.48 g/dm²
Alexandr Suchkov

24" Dead simple Wing a forked version

a wing got from
Total Span: 24.00 in
Wing Area: 147.00 in²
CG@20%: 5.16 in
Wing Load: 9.80 oz/ft²
Jorge Díez